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Changing the bug bounty cybersecurity attack surface infosec landscape

Breachpoint unites companies and researchers through its state of the art bug bounty platform coupled with other solutions to help secure the ever changing threat landscape.

For Companies

Breach Point can save millions to your organisation from cyberattacks. Get started on the portal for free and get complete autonomy on the prizes/bounties for bugs reported.

For Researchers

Earn rewards and recognition for reporting bugs, especially those related to security exploits and vulnerabilities, legally and ethically.

Private Platform

Need a managed private platform? We have you covered.

As a part-time bug bounty hunter, I would like to thank Breachpoint for allowing me the chance to report vulnerabilities in private programs. It helps me make money as well as develop different attack methods, which allows me to think outside the box.

Ronit BhattSecurity Consultant at KPMG

Bug bounty hunting is what I do. Since there was no platform in India, I always wanted Indian businesses to host their bug bounty programme, therefore my experience with Breachpoint has been fantastic. That breachpoint has begun makes me so happy.


As a bug bounty hunter, I'm grateful to Breachpoint for giving me the opportunity to report vulnerabilities in private programs. Not only does it help me make money, but it also allows me to develop my skills as i am learning something new techniques everytime i hunt.

Aayesha KhanSecurity Researcher

Breachpoint Help Center

Our comprehensive knowledge base helps you to get started and acquainted on the portal in minutes.

Free Consultation and Onboarding Support

Breachpoint helps organisations kick-off their bug bounty programs by understanding your requirements, easy onboarding and round the clock support.

Get started with our hassle-free, easy to use bug bounty platform


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